Johnson County Recreation District

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About the Johnson County Recreation District

Our Goal and Purpose

The goal of the Johnson County Recreation District is to support Public Recreation and arts and culture in Johnson County. Our board members are dedicated in making sure every event is safe and packed with tons of fun.

Our Funding

The Johnson county school district board of trustees votes annually to allocate up to 1 mil of funding for the Johnson County recreation district. costs to in town taxpayers are as follows*:market property value TAX COST$50,000 1 mil = approximately $2.38 tax per year$100,000 1 mil = approximately $4.75 tax per year$1 million 1 mil = approximately $47.50 tax per year*figures provided by Johnson county assessor Dorothy Elsom, 2010.

Grant Applications

Grant Applications are reviewed during the April - May timeframe of each year. Application due dates are generally assigned during the first 2-3 monthly board meetings of each year.
To learn more about the grant-application process visit This Page.

Please note that grant applications for the current applicable fiscal year of 2025 is 04/30/2024.

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Grant Application Process Overview

Preparing and Submitting Your Grant Application

Submitting your grant application for consideration by the Johnson County Recreation board is fairly straight forward.  If you've created an application before, be sure to use the same login to create your new application(s).  If you haven't used the site before, create your login.

As shown below, after you've logged in, you will create your grant application, then, if your organization requires, you use the software to send your application to your designated sponsor for approval, and finally, electronically sign and submit your application by the designated deadline for the fiscal year.

After Submitting Your Application

After your application is submitted, the Johnson County Recreation District Board will assign a presentation date and time (generally, your assigned presentation time will be 15 minutes or less).  During this presentation, you will demonstrate why your project should be funded.  

If your application is approved for funding, you will be notified on how to receive funding, and if accepted, you will be required to submit both a status and final report during and/or after the project completion.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification for future consideration by the Johnson County Recreation Board.

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